Unauthorized.tv RSS Feeds

I’ve been wanting to be able to subscribe to the various unauthorized channels via some mechanism that will alert me when there are new videos, but I can’t find an RSS feed or anything else on Unauthorized.tv for the channels.

This page contains RSS feeds for each of the channels on the main page1. (They also won’t update while a live feed is going on, since that seems to remove the video selection as I write this.)

If there’s a problem with these, please drop a note on Social Galactic to me. In particular, while the RSS scanning script will automatically pick up new channels, this page won’t. If there’s a missing file you can check the directory directly.

  1. Technical details: Scans every hour. Ends up loading the front page and each channel page each time. When a new video goes up, that page is loaded once, and not thereafter. If a description changes this won’t pick it up. There’s some delays between the loading so it isn’t hammering the site as rapidly as possible. It should be fairly polite. I won’t be subscribed to everything but I should be subscribed to enough to notice major failures. ↩︎

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