Election Fraud Proof

I can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that election fraud is occurring.

One of the problems of inheriting successful cultures is that the inheritors forget why things are done the way they are. There are numerous places in our culture being exploited this way. Elections are one of them. We forget that standing in line, checking boxes, and having some numbers produced to declare a winner at the end is not the end goal of elections.

The purpose of elections is not to simply declare a winner. It is to keep the losers calm, assured that they lost by the agreed-upon rules in a fair way, and that there will be a future election where they can try again, without resorting to violence.

Any putative “election” that does not solve those problems is not an election. It is just the form of an election without its substance, no better than painting a wooden bunny brown and calling it chocolate.

In order to solve those problems, it is vital that everyone involved be able to examine the election carefully. If they are not allowed, they will not be convinced they lost. If they are not convinced, it isn’t an election. Transparency is not an optional bonus that elections may implement if they have time, it is a foundational part of being an election in the first place. Any so-called “election” that lacks this is not merely a bad election, but no election at all.

Therefore, anyone hindering anyone’s right to examine the election and its results is engaged in election fraud.

They are not hiding election fraud… they are, on the spot, engaging in it.

That is to say, even if we stipulate that the election was otherwise completely on the up-and-up, preventing people from being able to audit that fact after the fact is election fraud. It does the exact same thing that cheating on election day itself does.

Thus, when Maricopa county refuses its subpoenas, they are not merely “hiding” election fraud, they are committing it by that very act. That, alone, is enough to declare fraud. We don’t actually need to penetrate through to the underlying problem and prove there is fraud. The mere resistence to letting anyone see the election transparently is fraud.

We are, of course, not obligated to pretend to be idiots and give any credence to the idea that they are merely trying to abstractly hide the election for some reason other than fraud obviously took place. We are completely logically justified in assuming that if they are taking any efforts to hide something, there is something to hide. At this point only an idiot thinks the election was fair; the evidence that it was not is plainly available in the pages of the New York Times, despite their best efforts, because election fraud both was and is being committed, even to this day.

There has been a laudable effort to clean up elections in some states, trying to close some of the holes that trucks of ballots are driven through. But to my knowledge, they are all focused on the initial portions of the election, up to the declaration of result.

We also need laws to strengthen the rights of the losers and the people in general to examine the election results afterwards. We need anyone seen taking any action to block election transparency to be a prima facie crime, simply in the act. Transparency must be mandatory, and the bar for proving that someone is obscuring the transparency, which is another way of saying someone is commiting vote fraud, must be very low.

People also need to be educated that post-facto transparency is also a mandatory part of the process. The election isn’t done if that is not provided.

And, yes, sure, I’d also like a pony. But I’m at least trying to start the education process here.

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