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God Is Not Surprised By Evil's Tactics

We have a hard time imagining beings much more intelligent than us. It’s hard to imagine them as doing anything other than super-intelligently contemplating their navels, because we simply can’t imagine being far, far more intelligent than we are, and taking direct action based on that intelligence.


Dreams and the Externality of Spiritual Attacks

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had vivid and complicated dreams. Not just “I ran into my dad at school and he was playing basketball with my old swimming coach and then I noticed that the gym had no roof and I was wearing no pants; how random!


The Head of the Conspiracy

One of the perennial arguments of the conspiratorially-minded is who is on top. Is it the Freemasons? Jesuits? Catholic clergy? Illuminati? The Khazarian Mafia? Any of several variety of aliens?