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Unlike most blogs, this tags page displays pages in forward order, as many of the posts that I make are cumulative and it is better to start at the beginning.

The Perils of Education

Education (the proper kind) is a good thing, but not an unmitigated one. Let’s consider the negatives as well.


Some Perils of Statistical Education

Let’s talk about some perils of getting educated in statistics1.

As with my discussion on the perils of education, I’m not interested in the obvious things everyone talks about. Statistics themselves are intrinsically perilous, not to mention the classic issues around “How to Lie With Statistics”. But I’m not talking about the issues around misuse of statistics… I’m talking about at least one peril that arises from the very process of becoming educated in them.


Bias in Learning

The best reason to write is to understand your own ideas. At least for me, if I don’t write my ideas down, they just hang around and I don’t get any news ones. I don’t know how that works exactly, but the past 20 years leave me no room for doubt.

Sometimes the new ideas are simply better ways of phrasing the old ones. This is another angle on the question of the perils of education, but with an interesting new way of looking at it.