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Unlike most blogs, this tags page displays pages in forward order, as many of the posts that I make are cumulative and it is better to start at the beginning.

Bias in Learning

The best reason to write is to understand your own ideas. At least for me, if I don’t write my ideas down, they just hang around and I don’t get any news ones. I don’t know how that works exactly, but the past 20 years leave me no room for doubt.

Sometimes the new ideas are simply better ways of phrasing the old ones. This is another angle on the question of the perils of education, but with an interesting new way of looking at it.


People Aren't Cattle

To be sure, there is an important sense in which they are; if the Lord God Almighty sees fit to use that as a metaphor you can be assured there is a good reason.


Representational Bias In The Wild

A theme of mine here has been the importance of representational bias. Here’s a great real-world example:


Unary Thinking

A user on Social Galactic asked for a guide on binary thinking, and I think the representational bias angle is a solid one to take on it.

And I sat pondering it a bit, and I realized that we can start with an even simpler example, given away by the title of course: Unary Thinking.


Binary Thinking

Continuing on from unary thinking, which you should read before this, we come to the obvious next step of Binary Thinking, which as the name implies is the process of believing that everything in some domain cleanly fits into two categories.