How To Tell Who Can Be Objectively Right About Life

God says that he is Good, that he created Good things in creation, that he intended Good things for Man, and that falling for the temptation of Satan was a bad thing for Man. Only by accepting the help of Jesus Christ and his unspeakably amazing sacrifice can you return back to His Goodness. It is imperative you must do so, because evil’s appeal is strictly superficial; in the end, it is self-destruction and leads to an ever-tightening spiral of pain, shame, and hatred, not just of others but even of one’s self.

The Babylonian Mystery Religion, which despite its name is alive and well in many guises in the modern world, claims that Satan is a hero, saving humanity against an oppressive, power-mad God who is deceiving us. Only Satan, or in this particular role, Lucifer, the light-bringer, is giving us the power to shake ourselves free of this demented God and come to our own true power. The movie Devil’s Advocate has a fairly good summary of the idea. The story of Prometheus and his theft of fire (enlightenment, free will) from the “gods” (specifically, God) is one of the several esoterically-coded stories relaying this point of view.

As long as it’s a “He said, he said” situation, is there a way to draw a distinction between the two? Superficially it seems like the claims of each side has a corresponding mirror-image claim from the other. Can this symmetry be broken so that one can tell which is right and which is wrong?

I recommend taking a moment to chew on that. There’s some depth in that question. I see it all the time in a much lesser form in squabbling siblings; there is no accusation that one can not deflect by simply claming it was the other who did it, or started it. Most children work this mirroring algorithm out at some point, and as parents it can be legitimately hard to disentangle even after years of experience with our children. Perfectly symmetrical philosophy never solved anything.

But it turns out the answer is: Yes.

Or, to be strictly fair, there is an objective way you can tell that one side at least can be correct, but the other side is exceedingly unlikely to be correct.

YHWH’s Claim

YHWH is the God of Truth, among his many other characteristics. A false balance is an abomination to the LORD, but a just weight is His delight (Proverbs 11:1). Love takes no pleasure in evil, but rejoices in the truth (1 Corinthians 13:6). Jesus says “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” (John 14:6).

These verses I select because they are direct orders or claims. The Bible contains hundreds more references to Truth. It can’t stop talking about truth, the importance of truth to YHWH, the importance of his followers speaking the truth even at great cost, truth truth truth.

Futhermore, YHWH tells his followers to love each other, to serve each other, to care for and be kind to each other, to tell each other the truth. Certainly it is done imperfectly… which YHWH has already promised us as well!… and even given that it certainly could be done better, but YHWH’s followers are ordered to hold these things up as their guiding principles.

Lucifer’s Claim

Lucifer is surrounded by lies.

Of course, he claims not to be lying.

But his followers lie routinely and fluidly. His followers sneer at Christians who think they are confined to Truth, and thus limit themselves from saying whatever is necessary to accomplish their goals.

The Babylonian Mystery Religion is fundamentally predicted on telling lies to people outside of the religion and at the lower levels. Inside the religion, whatever its manifestation, there are usually further levels of esotericism, where as one progresses to the next degree (Freemasonry) or order or whathaveyou, the lies your were previously told are undone and you are told the truth. Or, so the theory goes.

All forms of Luciferianism are surrounded by lies; lies to those outside, lies to those inside, lies lies lies.

This should be obvious to any but the absolutely least observant inside these religions.

Anyone with any significant amount of time in these religions should be able to see the backstabbing, broken promises, deliberate deception practiced and condoned within and without, and the approval with which these practices are met.

The Answer

The answer is this:

YHWH’s claims are at least internally consistent. On this basis alone I can not say that they are correct. More information must be pulled in for that. But at least they are consistent. YHWH telling you the truth about the world does not require special excuses about how he is telling the truth to you but lying to others. He may not be telling you the whole truth right now, but what he tells you is true.

Lucifer’s claims are not consistent. To be a Luciferian, one must either:

  1. See all the lies around you, but believe that you’re so special you’re getting the truth.
  2. Know you’re being lied to, but think you’re just so gosh-darned special enough and smart enough that you can see through the lies to the truth. Despite the supernaturally intelligent nature of the source of these lies.
  3. Just give up and not care, because you have been dulled to the point that you just want what it seems like Lucifer can give you and don’t care what lies are involved to get there.

But in the end, a follower of Lucifer must reckon with the possibility that if everyone around them is clearly being lied to, regardless of whether they are In or Out or simply bystanders… what if you are too? In fact, isn’t it nearly certain that you are being lied to? About some really important things?

How could it be any other way?

Indeed, even those who nominally acheive the top level of human achievement within these organizations should be reckoning with the fact that rather than exciting esoteric truths, they are instead the ones burrowed most deeply into the lies. Reaching the top order or grade or whatever may simply mean they’ve run out of canned lies for you, but the liars are certainly capable of continuing to lie to you.

You know what you do. You lie to people about your allegience. You may lie to them for the purposes of surveilling them. You lie just for convenience. You lie to accomplish things you’ve been told to do. You are lied to about what will be done for you. You’ve been trained to lie, either formally or implicitly simply by the system you’re embedded in.

What To Do About It

If you are reading this, and you are one of the followers of the lie… you need to think very hard about what this means to you.

You think you have things. Possibly material things, but also, you think you have promises. Promises of future promotions, promises of future wealth, perhaps promises of current wealth, promises of your superiority, all sorts of promises.

You do not.

You have lies. Even the real things in your possession are one backstab away from being removed from you, and you’d be lucky if that’s still in this life.

We followers of YHWH… we may not have your drugs, or your sex, fame, power, money, or whatever it is you have. But what we have, we have truly, in a way that nobody can or will ever take it from us more than just temporarily. And we have the guarantee, from a Being of Truth, of more to come, forever.

You should act on this while you still can.

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