Quercetin Report

This week I had the opportunity to try out a new cold treatment based on the Zelenko treatment protocol for COVID. This is relevant because colds are coronaviruses too.

The rest of my family all got a cold last week. I’ve been on the Zelenko prophylactic protocol, and I’ve been taking Quercetin + Zinc + Vitamins C and D once a day. The treatment protocol I followed was to up it to three times a day. I haven’t tuned it that hard, it’s just one pill of each of Quercetin, Zinc, and C, and about 8000 IU of Vitamin D in the morning and afternoon. (I don’t take Vitamin D at night because I find it keeps me up.)

For context, my immune system isn’t bad but it’s generally worse than my wife’s. Anything she gets, I get, but not vice versa. And she had this for about a week.

I’ve tried adding zinc before and it’d maybe cut a day off my symptoms or make it slightly better, but this week was something else. I can’t quite call it “asymptomatic”, but it was like every time the cold stuck its head up, the hammer came down. “Hey, let’s get a stuffy nose and” BAM. Nope. A few hours later, “Hey, let’s sneeze a lot and” BAM. Denied. The next day, “Let’s get a sore throat…” BAM. Not today. I was very tired the first day but that’s been the worst of it so far. I did still have these little puny symptoms for several days but they didn’t get anywhere.

I have to admit this is only a sample of one, but I’ve never had this result before. I’ll have to try this a few more times to be sure.

The theory is that Quercetin is a zinc ionophore like HCQ, except that it also has the virtue of being readily available without a prescription. I’ve been using this one, which I’m not particularly endorsing except that it hasn’t killed me.

Has the cure for the common cold been sitting in our health food stores for years?

How many other things are in there?

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